WeMoveNY.com is a part of Active Moving company that specializes on numerous moving services. Available across the nation and here locally in NYC for residential and commercial customers. Located in Brooklyn, NY with four warehouses everything is provided by us and does not involve third parties. Multiple trucks are always on the road all over the country, they belong to us and ready for work. Started in 2005 Active Moving company has successfully served numerous homes and businesses nationwide.

Ability to provide "all in one" packages like moving, hoisting or anything related, is only one feature that makes us stand out from the other companies. Active moving company can move pianos, large equipment, boxes or anything else and guarantee to deliver in perfect condition. Our damage rate is almost non existent because of the way trucks are loaded before they go out on the road. No unloading and loading your stuff during transit it is going to be unloaded at your location. This is done by knowledgeable staff who has been doing this for years and then it is double checked by upper management.

High quality and customer satisfaction is number one priority therefore large part of our business comes from referrals. It does not matter if you live on high floor, if your item needs to be moved thru the windows or so heavy and almost impossible to lift. Our moving company can handle any job and has professional staff with years of experience. Cash, all the credit cards and checks are excepted and you can contact us at anytime if you have any question. Request your quote by filling out small form or giving us a call to speak directly to customer service. Please be as detailed as possible to get the most accurate quote for the job, our customer service will ask you all the necessary questions to get you the right price.


List of services that we provide

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