Sometimes doors and hallways are just not big enough to move your furniture or other large objects. That is when hoisting service comes handy. Hoisting is a process of raising something by means of ropes and pulleys, in case of moving it also means that your furniture is moved through the windows.

In certain buildings hoisting service is not an option but rather a necessity to move things in and out. It is also a delicate process that requires skills, attention, team work and experience. Only professional and highly experienced moving company can elevate things through the windows.  Active Moving is one of a few. We performed many projects with hoisting service where we’ve had to move furniture, pianos, big cabinets and other large stuff through the windows.

On photo below you can see how our crew members are getting sofa bed in the tight window on the 3rd floor of New York brownstone building.  In this particular job this was the only way to get furniture inside the apartment as hallways were too small.


Hoisting Job Using Windows  Hosting Moving Sofa Bed