We are Long Distance Movers in Brooklyn!

Active Moving, Inc offers cross country moving services to all 50 states for over 17 years. This is our primary business, we have our own moving trucks and never subcontract any part of a long distance move to a third party companies therefore we offer reasonable moving rates, professional relocation services and quick delivery to destination.

All of our long-distance movers are professionally trained and have passed an exam to insure your move goes smooth and effective. In addition to cross country moving services we offer local moving, motorcycle moving, hoisting services.

How to choose a long distance mover.

  • You need to check if the company which is offering you their services is actually the company who will deliver your stuff.
  • Every long distance mover must have a US DOT number to operate long distance and be properly insured.
  • Ask moving company sales rep about their DOT number than go to US DOT website and enter your mover's DOT Number. If the company has 1 truck or no trucks it is a broker.
  • Also. a good sign of a broker is when company is asking about a deposit prior to the move.
  • If the company is not a broker, please go to their BBB profile and check their score and reviews.

How to pay less for your long distance move

  • Reserve your move upfront because rates go up the closer to the moving day you are. Even if you have no moving date at this point, your reservation will guarantee your rate stays the same. You can always reschedule later or cancel without losing your moving deposit.
  • Buy boxes online and have them delivered to you prior to the move so you can start packing.
  • Get rid of old stuff, stuff of no value, old clothes, miscellaneous, washing, cleaning supplies, utensils, old furniture, old mattresses, bulky and heavy items, breakables which has no importance or value.
  • Ask your movers if they provide storage in transit for free, so that you can move out and put stuff in storage while looking for a new place to live anstead of delivering your items to the storage near your destination and paying for the storage and for local movers to bring your stuff from storage to your new home.


Feel free to call our professional moving consultants to get all necessary information about how to move cross-country. Please make the list of furniture you’re planning to move and reserve about 15-20 minutes of your time for this conversation.

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